Have you struggled to find a networking group that you can fit around your children?
Do you want to grow your own business but not sure how or where to start?
Are you worried you have too many things to juggle and can’t do it all?
If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

Mumala Club is an online networking hub for fab mums who are their own boss, just setting up or thinking about quitting their day job to work for themselves. It’s a supportive and collaborative hub when you can network without leaving your front door. No need to juggle childcare just so you can attend a networking group. Mumala Club will come to you.


Hester has written for the likes of Forbes and The Sun, where she had a money-saving columnist, as well as being a Huffington Post blogger, she’s also been featured in the FT, BBC News, Daily Mail, Metro, i News and has been on BBC1, Radio 5 and Radio Berkshire.

Mumala Club launched in 2018 and has already connected hundreds of women, who are their own boss.

Thank you to the amazing Rachel Murphy for my photos.

Running your own business and having children isn’t easy – I should know!

Do you worry that you can’t do it all?

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