Review of Cosmo Restaurant in Reading

I love a good buffet, but always worry about the quality of food especially at an ‘All You Can Eat’ restaurant. So when I was kindly invited to visit Cosmo restaurant in Reading, my friend Sarah and I arrived at 7pm on a warm evening in February. I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I walked through the doors. It was much more ‘restaurant’ than ‘All You Can Eat’ which came as a relief.

We were shown to our table by Adrian who introduced himself and talked us through the drinks menu. Then we helped ourselves to the food. I was seriously impressed to see a cocktail menu – I was expecting free refill fizzy drinks, which there were, but having a cheeky mojito on a Monday night felt a fab treat. Sarah kindly drove, so she had a mocktail which looked great. The mojito was surprisingly nice – and was freshly made at the bar.

As someone who loves a variety of food, I was over the moon to see king prawns, mussels, scallops, as well as Chinese, Indian, pizza, a roast section and even a teppanayki, grill and salad bar which I wasn’t expecting. As well as a selection of ‘beige’ foods! Including chips, fish fingers etc – ideal for the fussier eater. The desserts were extensive and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the chocolate fountain.

We started with crispy duck pancakes with hoisin sauce which was lovely. The duck was crispy and not a piece of fat in sight – hooray!

Sarah had been to the restaurant a month before with her family one Saturday – she said it was rammed. Although this was a Monday night, I was impressed with how busy it was so it had a good atmosphere, yet we didn’t have to queue for food which was great.

After the duck, we moved on to the Chinese selection where I ate more king prawns than you can shake a stick at! I’m a huge seafood fan so always order it when I eat out.

Then I moved on to sushi. Again I was very surprised as to the quality of sushi – it was lovely. And lots of choice too – I was a happy lady.

I thought it would be rude if I didn’t try the teppanyaki. It’s Japanese cusine, you choose what you want them to cook and with which sauce and they cook it on a very hot grill in front of you. I went for the scallops and king prawn. The man next to me ordered octopus – again rather unexpected for an ‘All You Can Eat’. And it was amazing. Definitely the best bit for me – along with the sushi.

I also popped to the salad bar to check that out, which was nice apart from my slightly limp salad leaves.

Then FINALLY dessert. At this point I was wishing I’d worn by Joey from Friends ‘Thanksgiving pants’! I went full chocolate mode.

Sarah and I got stuck in with the marshmallows on sticks, then moved on to the profiteroles and a couple of chocolate mousses. As I said – I like chocolate!

Then we were offered coffees, but as I don’t drink hot drinks I went for a Baileys. Adrian who’d been looking after us asked me if he could make a speciality of his from Spain. So I was served with Baileys, with ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. It was AMAZING and should definitely be added to the menu! A seriously fabulous end to a lovely evening.

The next day my children asked me what I would give it out of 10. I said a 9 – they asked why not a 10 and to be honest, I couldn’t really think why it wasn’t.

Thanks to Cosmo restaurant for inviting me for a complimentary meal for 2. Although it was kindly gifted to me, all thoughts and compliments about the sushi are my own!