How Learning An Instrument Is Like Running A Business (AD)

When I was little, I changed my mind like the wind so I ended up trying lots of different activities. Gymnastics, drama, disco dancing (I was an 80s child after all) you name it, I tried it. Although one lesson I always kept coming back to, was learning to play the guitar. My mum said that before I could talk properly, we would walk past Woolworths and I would point at the toy guitars saying ‘tar.’ She knew what a fickle child I was so, said Mum that if I still wanted to play when I was 7, I could have lessons.

When I finally turned 7, I got a fab guitar for my birthday, which I still own to this day – in the very same brown case. And my mum relented and I was allowed to have lessons. My mum found my lovely teacher Sam with his bright shirts and large beard, in the Yellow Pages! Sadly there was no Google. Nowadays there are so many fab websites to help you find out more about instruments including Guitaarr, where you read reviews to help choose which guitar to buy or which stand to get. 

I loved my lessons. Sam taught me the James Bond theme and other delights! I kept it up for 5 years and then eventually decided I wanted to stop. Yet here I am 30 years (ahem) later, wishing I hadn’t given up. I wonder how good I would be now if I had kept playing. And this got me thinking about how learning a musical instrument is very similar to running your own business.


Without passion you aren’t going to get very far learning an instrument. When I was 7, I had all the passion in the world. My mum bought me lots of music books and I happily practiced each week.  I would always look forward to my lesson. It’s the same with being your own boss. If I didn’t have passion to grow and develop Mumala Club, it would never last and I wouldn’t be very good at running my own business.


Just as when you are a child, adults need role models too and people to aspire to.There are so many amazing musicians I listened to when I was younger. They were the ones who would encourage me to strive to do better. Now I’m an adult, I still love reading about people that inspire me, but this time it’s people in business. How ever old we are, we all need inspiration.


When I first started playing the guitar, I needed perseverance to keep going. It’s a good job I persisted with my lessons because surprise, surprise, when I played, I didn’t sound like they did on the radio! It’s the same with business. You aren’t going to launch your business on day 1 and by day 2 be making huge profits. Think about your first website and how that looked. Or your first logo. I found some images recently, from my first website – I’m telling you it ain’t pretty! But that’s ok because each time I made changes, it improved.

I haven’t picked up my guitar in a long time. But what’s lovely is that my daughter has started to have lessons, using the very same guitar from all those years ago.

The blog was sponsored by Guitaarr. But all musical memories and views are my own.