Chewigem review – what my children really thought!

I love having a mooch on Instagram and the beauty of that is you come across some fab brands that otherwise you may never have seen. This is what happened when I was checking out the fabulous and talented journalist and blogger Lydia Wilkin’s Insta stories. She’d posted about Chewigem.

When I looked at Chewigem I knew I’d found a gem of a site. As a mum of two children both on the autism spectrum, I’m always on the lookout for anything that can make life a bit easier for them. It’s a relatively new diagnosis for them both (in the past it would have been called Aspergers although this term isn’t used much now) – my son was diagnosed in December and my daughter was only officially diagnosed a few months ago. So I’m still learning lots and reading and browsing as much as I can.

Sensory processing disorder

When I started looking on Chewigem, who are award winning and sell sensory seeker products, I knew I had a found the website of dreams for my children! My two both have sensory processing disorder (SPD) too. For a child with SPD, processing the feelings of hot or cold, tired, hungry, lights and sound can be challenging and overwhelming. For example when it was super hot the other week my son didn’t think to take his school jumper off ALL day. Yet he will want to wear shorts in winter.


Another aspect of autism sensory disorder (ASD) is stimming. Both my children stim but in different ways. The term “stimming” is short for self-stimulatory behaviour. It may include hand-flapping, rocking, spinning, or repetition of words and phrases. For my son it is definitely spinning and fiddling and for my daughter it’s biting things – anything really. She’s always chewing her hair, t-shirt, coat zip you name it. It’s her way of regulating herself and she especially does it when she’s anxious.

So I’ve been looking at products which are suitable to be chewed but as she’s getting older, don’t look babyish. The lovely people at Chewigem sent my two a bundle of goodies which they then reviewed.

What they thought

Board pendants

Anything that can be chewed but looks cool is winning with us! So these board pendants are perfect. We got sent the grey/black one which is the one my son would have chosen. He loved it. It’s a win with us.

Fidget bundle camo

Now this was a BIG hit with my son. He LOVES a fiddle so the pocket sized fidgets was perfect for him. He took it to school the next day. It’s fab because it’s a different from the usual fidget spinners and cubes you get.

Next… the stress ball. As well as a fiddle, my son loves mini footballs! So this stress ball was perfect and he could play with it inside, squeezing it as well as playing catch.

Lastly in this bundle is the fab tangle. He’s got a couple but none are black so he loved it.

Realm ring necklace

Next to try was the Realm ring. My daughter practically gasped when she saw it. It’s purple (huge tick) and just looked like a pendent which is ideal. It looked super grown up and yet could still be chewed. I had one very happy girly

Tactile pencil covers

If you are a fan of chewing pencils then you need these pencil covers. They are tactile too and pop over any pencil so they can be chewed. Perfect for school.

Pencil case set

Last but by no means least was the most impressive gift of all. A chewable pencil case set.

Everything in it can be chewed (apart from the pencil case which is tactile). The set was fab. It looks like a normal stationery kit, but isn’t. My daughter loved it but did say that the rubber was too large and very hard to chew. The ruler even has measurements on – the attention to detail is fantastic.


So I had two VERY happy children, with a fab range of fiddles and chews. They can take them to school or out and about without children asking them why they have them.

Thank you again to Chewigem for kindly gifting us all these lovely items in exchange for an honest review. I just want to mention their blog too which is a fantastic resource.