Christmas Gift Guide From Prezzybox

When I went to the fabulous Christmas In July event, it may have been a boiling hot day, but it didn’t stop me browsing all things festive. If like me you’ve left things rather last minute, than here’s my gift guide from the awesome guys at Prezzybox who kindly sent me some super cool presents to pop under the tree.

For The Pet Lover

So…it’s official, I’m a dog person. Just don’t tell my cat Mika! Puppy Rosco is a new addition to the family so I wanted to get him a little something for under the tree.

Pet Snack Launcher

I don’t know who will be more excited to use Rosco’s present, him or my son. BUT they will both love the Pet Snack Launcher that Prezzybox kindly popped in the post. And at just £5.99 it won’t break the bank.

I also got sent an enamel food bowl with Mika’s name on it, but it’s so popular it’s already sold out. Here are some great substitutes…

Personalised Cat Socks

Mika would love her photo on my socks. I’m sure she would if she could talk. Personalised socks can have any photo of it – but I particularly like the cat ones!

Dog Face Blanket

The is super cute and can be personalised with your dog’s face on it. It’s super soft and thankfully washable. It’s too good to let your dog lie on though. Sorry Rosco!

For The Sensory Seeker

Both of my children have Aspergers Syndrome, which we only found out about this year. Buying presents this Christmas has given me a whole new area to look at, as they LOVE sensory items. You name it. Lights, fiddles, things that spin or wiggle. It’s so much fun being able to shop for them both.

So here’s my round-up of Prezzybox’s best item for sensory seekers. PS You don’t have to be autistic to like fiddles, lights etc. I’m neuro-typical and a sucker for a changing lightbulb!

Mini Jellyfish Tank

These cute Jellyfish in a tank would be a fab present for someone that needs some chill time. The two jellyfish swish about soothingly amidst the red, green and blue mood lighting.

Floating Lights 

I got sent a gorgeous floating light for the bath, which my daughter loves! These floating rose lights are perfect for setting a relaxing mood when having a soak.

Make Your Own Neon Light 

Oh this ticks so many boxes. Something fun to do together? Tick. Something fabulous for the home? Tick. Neon. Tick, tick, tick. This is definitely on my daughter’s Christmas list.

For the Stationery Lover

I’ve always been OBSESSED with stationery. And now I run my own business, I don’t have to put up with dull and boring notepads. Oh no.

Personalised Notebook and Pencils 

Just gorgeous. I still love writing with a pencil, more than a pen and pencils in a box, just feel special somehow. Both the pencils and pencil box can be personalised.

Tink Stationery Set

I’m a big fan of Tink. And I love that Prezzybox stock it too. This is a bargain for the set and the perfect under the tree gift for children of all ages. And it’s on offer, so get in QUICK!

Personalised Trading Card Notepad 

Anyone else’s’ child OBSESSED with Match Attax? My son loves them, and this gorgeous notepad can be personalised.

For The Chocolate Lover

Personalised Toblerone Bar

You can personalise it. It’s chocolate. It’s a Toblerone. I don’t need to say any more about it.

Personalised Cadbury Bar

Choose from four different designs and then simply add the name of the recipient. Cadbury-tastic.

Prosecco and Chocolates

It’s not Christmas without Prosecco. So this gift is the perfect for someone special. You can personalise the bottle and it comes with gorgeous chocolates too.

Hopefully that’s given you lots of great ideas. Let me know what you chose!