Hello, I’m Hester, welcome to my blog – Mumala Club.

Family life

I’m married to Kelly (we’ve been together for 18 years) and I’m mum to two children India and Hudson age 10 and 8. Kelly and I have just launched our own consultancy Hudia (named after Hudson and India). We’ve talked about working together ever since we went backpacking around Australia 18 years ago. And all these years later we now work together.

Autism awareness

Just 15 months ago our son Hudson was diagnosed with Autism, I will share more about that in my blog. During this process we started to wonder if India was autistic too. So we got her assessed and she was diagnosed too.  Although as she (like Hudson) masks so well (puts a mask on being autistic and tries really hard to fit in) it took the school much longer to recognise that she was autistic.
Then in December 2019 my husband Kelly was diagnosed too! It’s been a busy 18 months but I wouldn’t change their autism diagnosis for anything. It’s amazing how much finding out they are autistic, has helped us as a family. More on that to follow.

My background

I started my career at ITV, I’ve always worked closely with PR agencies, with them pitching me their ideas for various shows I worked on.
After 5 amazing years in television having presented on The Wright Stuff and worked on Loose Women and Today with Des and Mel, I loved PR so much I decided to change career. Since then I’ve worked with brands including Hitachi, Sport Relief, BMW Alphabet, AXA PPP healthcare, Mars, BIC to name a few.
I’ve worked for lots of PR agencies, big corporate companies and freelanced a lot too. Running Hudia really has changed our lives. Kelly is around now for the children. More importantly than that he doesn’t have to worry about masking at work either.
Oh, and if you were wondering where the name Mumala Club came from, it’s the nickname I have for my mum!