About Mumala Club

Hello and welcome! I’m Hester, founder of Mumala Club.

As a mum of two who has been to some disastrous networking events (that’s a story I will share another time!), I understand what it’s like to give up the 9-5 (having worked in media and PR for 20 years), become your own boss and juggle little people. I wanted to set up an online networking hub for fab mums who are their own boss, just setting up or thinking about quitting their day job to work for themselves, so they can network even with little people running around.

Having your own business is a rollercoaster, so you need amazing women around you, to cheer for you and help you along the way. Whatever stage you are at, Mumala Club and its members are here to offer advice, give support, big-up each other and raise a glass of virtual prosecco when things go well, and whatever is to hand, when things don’t!

There will be expert speakers, Q&A live sessions sharing hints and tips on marketing, PR, branding, photography, lifestyle and more. Everything you need when you are your own boss.

These will all be available from the comfort of your own home. So you can grab a cuppa, charge the iPad or whack on Cbeebies to keep your little ones entertained (we don’t judge here) and join in with the live and interactive sessions.

Oh, and if you were wondering where the name Mumala Club came from, it’s the nickname I have for my mum!


Running your own business and having children isn’t easy – I should know!

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