The Truth About Dirty Offices And Your Unhygienic Colleagues

SMC Premier Cleaning surveyed over 5,000 UK office workers to uncover the dirty truth about their cleanliness. Surprisingly not everyone is as hot on hygiene as you may hope. You may want to think twice before shaking a client’s hand or having contact with a colleague after they’ve been to the toilet as the survey revealed […]

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How I Got A Twitter Boost From Theo Paphitis

Small Business Sunday #SBS Every Sunday, Theo Paphitis runs Small Business Sunday #SBS. It’s a weekly initiative which was set up by Theo in 2010. It now has over 2500 #SBS winners (including some Mumala Club members) and supports small businesses in the UK. How to enter? Tweet about your business in 140 characters or less, […]

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Find your cheerleaders by Charlotte Murphy

On International Women’s Day I scrolled through social media and was greeted with inspiring quotes, gratitude and special thanks to all those wonderful women out there. It has got me thinking about my own experiences of women, our behaviours and the importance of finding your cheerleaders. I am very fortunate to say I am now […]

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How to nail being a mum and your own boss

Being a mum is hard. When they are little it’s sleepless nights. Mastering weaning. Toilet training. You name it. When they get older its juggling their play dates, after school clubs, being a taxi. I can’t be alone when I say my children have a better social life than I do! So when you throw […]

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Running your own business isn’t easy – I should know!

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