PR / social media Pow Wow – 1 hour £95 / book 3 or more sessions for just £90 per hour 

You get a whole hour to chat through your PR or social media or both (via Zoom or FaceTime whatever suits).

Maybe you want to do PR and social media but haven’t a clue where to start. Maybe you’re are doing PR and active on social and want to take it to the next level.
Wherever you are on your business journey, get in touch today to book your PR and social media Pow Wow, so you can start giving your brand the platform it deserves. 

Bespoke PR Workshops
If your business can’t afford to pay a professional for PR, but want to get your brand out there into the public eye, get in touch to find about bespoke PR workshops.
Tailored to include everything you need for to set up a successful PR strategy and start securing coverage. This can be held one to one or in a group setting. Get in touch today.