As well as being a blogger for The Huffington Post and a regular on Radio Berkshire, over the years Hester has written for a wide range of publications mainly on the topics of parenting, fashion, lifestyle, work-life balance and money saving tips.


March 2019: Prima – How To Make Neutrals Look Seriously Chic

February 2019: Canvas8 – How Has Freelance Life Become More Appealing?

December 2018: Forbes – How Do Freelance Mums Deal With The Christmas Holidays?

December 2018: Huffington Post – Why Shopping Has Become A Dirty Word

November 2018: BBC News – The People Who Return Most Of What They Buy

November 2018: Huffington Post – Elf On The Shelf Season? I’m Finally Ready For You

November 2018: The Sun – Savvy Shoppers Reveal How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas For Under £10

October 2018: Retail Dive – Retailers flummoxed about how to handle ‘serial returners’

October 2018: Fashion Mannuscript – Retailers flummoxed about how to handle ‘serial returners’

September 2018: Forbes – How to Avoid Famine and Feast In Your Micro Business

September 2018: Honest Mum – My Waterstones Windsor Mumboss Book Party

Newspaper article

September 2018: – Freelancer loneliness and how to tackle it

September 2018: The Sun- How to dodge the cost of a pal’s hen do, without dropping out of the fun

August 2018: The Sun – Save money by reducing your household waste with these tip tips

July 2018: The Sun – Personal stylist shares how to bag a bargain on great skincare products

May 2018: The Sun – We share ways to cash in on fashion to look good and save loads of dosh too

May 2018: iNews – Five questions couples should ask before opening a joint bank account

May 2018: Huffington Post – How To Throw A Royal Wedding Street Party Fit For A Prince or Princess

March 2018: Metro – 13 people reaveal the most patronising things that people have said to them

January 2018: BBC One – The Truth About Looking Good

December 2017: PR Moment – Ten PR New Years Resolutions for 2018

October 2017: Epson – Feeling the strain: Half of parents spend over 2,000 hours a year on child admin

March 2017: Financial Times – Children’s bank accounts – a potted history

June 2016: The Daily Mail – Secrets of the £2.99 anti-ageing cream that keeps Joanna Lumley looking so Ab Fab

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